Started in 2013 InterCidade was inspired by Mariana Arellano falling in love with a robust fashion community of tomorrow’s premier brands. The meaning of InterCidade inspires the brand because it is to be in between two cities; inter for between and cidade translates to cities in Portuguese. The fashion community resources in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil inspired Mariana; where modern pieces can translate in the American market. The vision and intellect in finding these brands is to exude quality, style, and novelty.


About us

InterCidade is an online destination for sexy yet comfortable, vivid, and beautifully crafted styles, complemented with decorative jewelry. InterCidade evokes a feminine aesthetic with a touch of romance and whimsy, reflected in the excellent cuts of our styles that leave the door open for many figure types to wear- uniting opposites to form harmony.



Our mission is to expose our customers to the richness of dynamic new brands that are currently not well established in the American marketplace. We offer limited edition product that will appeal to their social status and self-identity. InterCidade will focus on giving our customer a truly personalized experience.



The vision and rationale in selecting these brands is that they should exude quality, style, and novelty. These brands are highly recognized in its home country and will resonate with our customers’ lifestyle. Our customer comes first at InterCidade and we want them to quench their desire for exotic brands.